#CantTouchThis campaign, to prevent sexual assault

The Student’s Union at Cardiff University is taking many steps to keep students safe during late night hours.

Hollie-Cardiff- SU
Hollie Cooke, vice-president, student welfare

For the safety of its students, the Student’s Union of the Cardiff University would soon revive its #CantTouchThis campaign, aimed towards zero tolerance for sexual harassment.
With incidents of sexual assaults reported recently in the city, the campaign seeks to address issues like unwanted sexual comments, an invitation to groping, pinching or smacking of your body. It also includes wolf-whistling or catcalling, having your clothes lifted, without consent and someone exposing themselves to you, without consent.
Vice-president of welfare, Hollie Cooke said constant efforts are made to keep the students safe. “After few instances reported this year, some steps were taken to ensure that students do not encounter any acts of sexual violence, on and off the campus.”
According to the University, 68% of woman students face sexual harassment while studying at the University. With such cases increasing, the University SU and volunteers are in final stages to revamp the campaign.
Besides, the university has also initiated some voluntary projects such as the safety walk, safety bus and safe taxi.
The vice president said the projects run Wednesdays and Saturdays every week where volunteers walk in groups and escort girls who are by themselves or a tipsy student to the SU.
The safety bus operated by the police ensure that the students reach their homes safely, while students may also opt for a safe taxi, where the students hire Dragon taxi driving them home.
Club crew is another voluntary scheme where the students stand guard at nightclubs and pubs to prevent abuse and forms of violence at such places.
Hollie says the students need not pay the taxi driver immediately given his health condition and may pay later anytime, within a week’s time.
Use of Apps has also been one of the initiatives for students, feeling unsafe walking in deserted areas. “The Panic Guard App with personal details registered on it only needs to be activated on your smartphone. A student finding himself in danger should shake the phone which then sends messages to close friends and relatives along with GPS location. The police are also alerted who can rush to help,” Hollie explains.
A Nightline launched last year, addressing the safety of students at night is also proving to be useful. On many occasions, students feeling unsafe walking alone , call the Nightline and request to talk to someone on another end until they reach safely at home.
Hollie urges that best ways that the students can keep themselves safe are by walking in pairs or call for a taxi at night, during late working hours.
**Nightline number: 02920-870-555
**Dragon taxi: 02920-333-333
**Download Panic Guard App