Local residents celebrate the victory of defeating 24-storey building proposal

Protestors have defeated plans for a 24-storey residential tower and commercial development in the last green space of Cardiff Bay.

Local residents in Cardiff Bay celebrates their victory after a campaign to prevent the building of a 24-storey building in on one of the last green spaces in the area.
The Save Our Bae (Welsh for ‘bay’) campaign wanted to protect the green area, between the Bay and Roath Basin, that locals use as a public space for outdoor activities.

Rachel Maycock, Living Street Wales manager, member of saveourbae

“What we really like is that green space will be a park for the future use,” said Rachel Maycock, a member of Save Our Bae. “People need somewhere to go outside like kicking football, having a picnic or meeting their friends. Hopefully, whatever ABP does next, it won’t change this green space because a park is really important to the community.”
Associated British Ports (ABP) withdrew its plan to build a 24-storey high residential tower and provide commercial areas with new shops, restaurant and bars in a green space, at the end of October.
A night view of the promenade area

ABP’s proposal not only have impacts on the flats around that area where would be in a shortage of sunlight for residents and office workers, but also the operation of the Norwegian Church might be influenced by this plan.
The Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay

When the developers decided to put this plan, they did not consult with the community properly, resulting criticisms from local residents.
“The most majority of members of Save Our Bae are local residents, whom are living in the flats around this area. However, these flats don’t have gardens and they don’t have anywhere to be outside. This is the only green space. I am a mother with a little girl. We come here because this is our garden basically,” said Rachel Maycock.
The campaign held by Save Our Bae started from March this year. Campaigners tried to contact with ABP and had long-term email conversations with developers. Campaigners collected about 10 thousand signatures, putting on social media. The force of public finally won this battle.
For more information about the event, following their twitter @saveourbae.