A Local Radio Podcaster Eager To Help the Homeless Now is Raising Supplies.

A local radio podcaster is trying to feed and clothe the homeless this week by raising funds and goods with his team.

Cullan Mais

A local radio podcaster is raising supplies for the homeless people, trying to let them have a warmer Christmas.

For helping the homeless, a local radio podcaster in The Central Club, called Cullan Mais has been raising supplies since November this year. Moreover, he makes videos and podcasts to help the public understand the situation that homeless people had been through. Now, they have over 50 bags of clothes and daily supplies for homeless.

“The reason I want to do it is I’ve lived that life myself, this is a big stigma when it comes to homelessness and addictions and stuff and to actually live through that experience myself to come out the other side and see the potential you know, I was on the streets and on drugs for over 10 years,” Says Cullan

Those experience on the street makes him has a different point of view from normal people.

Cullan says “In that time, I met some wonderful people, people who didn’t deserve to be there. People who ended up being, you know, on, you know, unfortunate circumstances. I met intelligent people I met funny people and it’s just a shame to see them there.”

Team member packaging goods for homeless

A survey from YouGov showed that 69% of people feel powerless to help those who are homeless. Despite their growing concerns around the country’s homelessness crisis.  , while most (57%) felt like they should help. In addition, seven in ten (68%) confessed they usually don’t know what to do when they see someone who is homeless.

Not just the donations. Cullan and his team also train people to be reps, let the people who need help can speak for themselves. Let their voice be heard by APB, which is the area of planning and making decisions.

Meeting with people who had drug issue

Cullan says “I’m assuming and I think it’s everyone ties homelessness to drugs straight away. Everyone ties homelessness to crime straight away. I think most people on the streets and people with mental health. People who can’t fend for themselves, and should be in the right environment looked after. We need to be looking for other places for these people rather than the cold streets.”

Many daily necessities packed ready for distribution

Now, Cullan plans to distribute those clothes and daily necessities at seven o’clock on Friday, December 10th at Queen Street.