Police act after community fears about anti-social behaviour

Butetown police tackle drugs and anti-social behaviour after community raises their concerns.

Over £600 worth of drugs was discovered by police in the Christina Street area of Butetown after an anonymous tip off.
PCSO Mike Woods located the bag of heroin and cocaine behind a drain pipe on the 6th October – officers are trying to locate the dealer.
This incident happened after a week-long operation conducted by local NPT (Neighbourhood Policing Team), as police continue to tackle drug issues and anti-social behaviours within the area.
Local Police Inspector Ian Randell said, “The operation was designed to not only improve public reassurance but to reinforce the message that drug use will not be tolerated.”
This action was taken due to the September PACT (Police and Community Together) meeting where 40 attended and the community raised their concerns.
Saeed Ebrahim tweeted on the 2nd November, “Very productive PACT meeting this evening in butetown community centre, thnks 2 Butetown NPT for their update and results.”

Some of the results of the operation included 24 stop checks, one person arrested for possession with intent to supply, five vehicles seized and 5 ASBO referrals.
Officers have increased their number by 29% patrolling Christina street car parks and 554 hours of police time has been given to this area.
Police are continuing to tackle the problems and wrote on Twitter yesterday, “Another proactive afternoon with 4 ASBO referrals and stop checks on Lloyd George Avenue, Butetown for ASB and drug use.”

Police have been seeking views of residents and Ian Randell commented, “We have already received feedback from members of the public that they feel safer at night with fewer groups hanging around.”
This week officers have also been leaving advice notes on cars to help stop drivers obstructing pavements, something else which was implemented after the public raised their concerns.
For anyone wishing to pass information anonymously, Welsh Crime Stoppers can be contacted on 0800 555 111.
For any other non-emergencies please contact 101.