Reclaim the Night: End violence and abuse against women

Female students are far more likely to be the victims of abuse. A campaign in Cardiff is setting out to change that.

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Women and students marched through the streets in Cardiff against sexual violence and abuse last Friday.

The annual campaign organized by Student Life Cardiff University is named Reclaim the Night Wales, showed solidarity and support for all victims and survivors who suffered from violence.

Women who go to universities and colleges are more likely to experience sexual abuse and violence, with research finding that about two thirds of women on campuses.

One of the organizers Gwyneth Sweatmqn, also the woman’s officer says, “About two women a week die in the UK, thanks to partner violence or ex-partner violence, so it’s really about highlighting this issue, and women and men coming together to say that the time is up for this kind of behavior, and women should be able to feel safe on the streets at night. I think this event will help to raise awareness of this issue.”

Gwyneth Sweatmqn, women’s officer, also the organizor, stand in the Cardiff Museum before the march.

Sherry is one of victims who experienced violence. “When I was fifteen years old, I was walking home from school broad daylight and I was the victim of a sexual assault, and this guy tried to push me down an alley and, basically I managed to fight him off, and after the “freeze” came and I ran all the way home, and it was on my street, on my way home from school, it was a route that I used very regularly,” says Sherry.

Sherry, who experienced violence on her way home, in the Cardiff Museum before the march.

According to Gwyneth, when facing violence or abuse, the best way is to report it. Besides, the society should build a culture showing respects and believes to women when they report it.

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