Rugby fans drinking all day: A ‘nightmare’?

Is the Superintendent of Police fair in his criticism of middle-aged rugby fans?

Rugby fan filing out of the Principality Stadium
Fans exiting the Principality Stadium after a rugby match

Controversial comments from senior police officers, slamming drunken middle-aged rugby fans saw the social media react in furious support and criticism. We talk to the businesses in and around the Principality Stadium, the main rugby venue in Cardiff, for a better public opinion.

Speaking in Cardiff before Saturday’s Six Nations game between Wales and Scotland, British Transport Police said that the middle-aged rugby fans who go on all-day drinking sessions are  a “nightmare” and a “disgrace”.

“I would like to film some of these people and, when they’re back in their three-piece suit on the Monday morning going off to work, play the tape back to them – because it’s a disgrace,” said Superintendent Morgan. BTP Chief Inspector Sandra England further stated that these middle-aged men were a “cultural issue” for the Welsh people to confront.

Simon Pitarresi, the manager of the Burger King on Queen Street, said that they have had no trouble since the Six Nations kicked off. “I don’t mind match days. Loads of drunk fans, yes! But as long as they don’t cause trouble, I do not care!”

However, the UK social media reacted angrily in hordes, as the comments by Superintendent Morgan and his colleagues sparked debates ranging from ‘Should the public transport system be blamed?’ to ‘Should drinking be banned in sport arenas as in football?’

“Social media is a nightmare! As someone who has been working in Cardiff for 35 years, I can say there is no right or wrong,” said the spokesperson of a famous eatery, who didn’t want to be named. She went on to add, “That is how it is on a rugby day. It’s their day out to enjoy and spend some money.”

What do the people think?