South Wales Police Officers disrupted a Pro-Palestine protest in Cardiff.

South Wales Police officers interrupted the Pro-Palestine protest taking place on Hays Street, under the claim of the protest not being ‘peaceful’.

A pro-Palestine protestor talking to one of the South Wales police officers about the disruption.

Palestine solidarity campaigners, who were protesting to show their solidarity towards Palestine, were blocked on their way to BBC by the South Wales police officers on 6 Jan, on the grounds of the protestors ‘breaching the peace.’   

The protesters were on their way towards BBC to show their disdain towards the support BBC is said to be showing towards Israel. However, as the protest marched forward, South Wales Police officers blocked the area outside Queens Arcade, on Hays Street.

The protestors actively questioned the actions taken by the police officers. Later they were seen shouting slogans such as ‘shame on you’.

This years’ first pro-Palestine campaigners protested to end Israeli Apartheid. They also protested to boycott Starbucks, Burger King, and many other establishments whose profits are said to help Israels’ military.