Students across the UK stage walkout in solidarity with international students and refugees


Students' walkout

Students in Cardiff joined the students’ walkout and nationwide students’ walkout in support of the international students in the UK on November 17.

The National Students’ Union had called for a protest mainly against the government’s decision to curb post-study work visas for international students and bringing their dependents while studying. But it turned out to be a demonstration against the government’s ‘wider anti-migrant sentiment’.

The refugee crisis gained more focus due to the recent debate.

“In the light of tragic events in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad last week, anti-migrant sentiment is at risk of becoming more prevalent,” says Mustafa Rajaai, international students’ officer of National Students’ Union, which called for the walkout across the country.

“We wholeheartedly oppose the attitude of the UK political establishment’s policies regarding immigration, the failure to respond adequately to the refugee crisis and the mistreatment of international students,” adds Rajaai.

The Prime Minister had declared that 20,000 refugees will be taken into the UK in next five years.

“We believe taking 4,000 refugees per year is no solution to the huge humanitarian crisis. We need to do more about it using our resources,” says Grace Piddington, international students’ campaign officer, Cardiff University Students’ Union.