Traffic wardens to have body cameras on them

The number of attacks on traffic warden increases as City Council approves the use of body cameras.

Traffic warden works in the street.
Traffic warden works in the street.

Traffic wardens have seen an increase in aggressive behavior directed towards them after City Council decides to equip them with body cameras. They have been verbally abused, threatened, attacked with eggs and even driven at.

A number of attacks on the traffic wardens was reported by WalesOnline last week. Condemning the attacks, Cabinet member with responsibility for Transport, Planning & Sustainability, Ramesh Patel says, “We won’t tolerate our staff being intimidated or bullied by anybody. We will report to the police and action will be taken against them.”

Adding to this Councillor Elizabeth Clark says, “It’s not appropriate for the council staff to be attacked in the course of undertaking their duty. Such aggressive reactions is not the way to voice one’s disapproval.”

The City Council recently approved a pilot scheme under which the Civil Enforcement Officers will wear body cameras.

Cabinet member Patel explains, “The main reason to use  body cameras is to provide extra protection to our staff. Many traffic wardens have voiced their concern about mistreatment. Sometimes people get angry, they say inappropriate things and act aggressively. With the help of body cameras,  traffic wardens can use the recordings as evidence to prosecute.”

The Council is set to buy 50 cameras which are said to cost £500 each. Some people have voiced their concern that the council is spending too much on the body cameras.

“The staff is our priority and to ensure their safety this expenditure is necessary. I don’t think it is unnecessary or  expensive,” says Cabinet Member Patel.

Though the pilot scheme was proposed long back, it was approved in a recent meeting and the council has said that it will be implemented soon enough.