US Elections: How are American expats in the UK reacting?

With a potential Trump vs. Biden rematch, many Americans are on the edge for this year’s presidential elections. How are expats living in the UK reacting to this as well?

Looking back on the 2020 US Presidential Elections, many Americans are finding themselves in the same voting situation for this year’s race (Credit: Chris Kleponis/CNP/Bloomberg; Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

With eight months left until the US primary elections, many Americans are on the edge of their seats watching the possible rematch between US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump for this year’s race.

The past four years of political tension in the US have loomed over voters who just want a government that they can rely on. 75% of Americans surveyed said they agree that the “future of American democracy is at risk in the 2024 presidential election, according to NPR.

As of last week, Trump has been in the lead in many states for the Republican primary including Florida, Arizona, and Mississippi. Candidates who run are required to surpass the 1,215 delegate threshold during the primaries to become a presumptive nominee. Trump has now reached 1,639 delegates, according to the Associated Press.

Between different political affiliations in the US, the majority of Republicans (90%) and independents (81%) say the country is going in the wrong direction, compared with 59% of Democrats (Data Credit: Public Religion Research Institute / Brookings Institution)

President Biden also leads in front of other Democratic candidates in the states of Illinois, Kansas, and Nebraska. He announced his campaign for re-election back in April of this year and is headed to become the Democratic nominee with a total of 2,491 delegates, passing the required threshold

The entire country and world will be watching it all unfold this fall. Including Americans who are living abroad right now.

We decided to go out and ask some Americans who are currently living in the UK about their current thoughts on this year’s US elections:

Julia Frey, 57, visual effects producer, from Los Angeles, California

  • What do you think will be the outcome of this year’s US elections? Are you nervous, shocked, or surprised for what’s to come?

“I hope the Democrats will win the White House and take back Congress. I’m nervous for sure seeing as how Trump won in 2016 – that was a shock. I worked really hard in 2020 to help democrats get elected, phone and text banking for months.”

  • Have you gotten into recent conversations with people from the UK about American politics?

“I haven’t really talked to local people much about politics. I would be open to, happy to discuss it whenever it comes up.”

Jessica Kilzi, 48, MSc occupational therapist, from Los Angeles, California

  • As an American expat living thousands of miles away from home, how does it feel to watch our political system operate from the UK? Have your views changed since moving?

” It’s embarrassing. I thought we were better than this. Yes, my views have changed some. I am, however, more open to socialized care and a better quality of life. Less stuff, more memories.”

  • Who do you plan to vote for and why?

” Unfortunately, Biden. I think he is a horrible option as well. Out of the millions of people in the US…this is what we have ?”