What's your opinion toward using mobile phone?

More than 20 percent drivers admitted they received phone call while they were driving.
According to RAT research, the figure describes that there is an fallen but more than 1,700 drivers questioned 23% admitted illegally making or receiving calls.The survey also states 40% of drivers check their personal messages through their mobile phone while driving.
We asked the public how they treat their personal device, especially mobile phone.
Graham Jackson, 78, Cardiff Plasnewydd.
Graham Jackson
I don’t use mobile phone. My children use mobile phone. People walk along and using their mobile phone is dangerous. And mobile phone is expensive and it will cost a lot of money.
Eleri Bines,76.

Generally, mobile phone is good thing. Because you can get on touch with people straight away. It’s connection. It means your boss can get in touch with you all the time and i mean that’s not a great thing, because people have their free time. So maybe means you can’t get away from people you don’t like.
John Ford,55,Support worker.

They are brilliant things. Because it useful for everything. It has a lot inside the media and the phone, the computer, the calculator and i mean if i want a TV and i can want it plays. It’s important to keep your contact, some people lose that.
Frank Horner,59.

I think mobile is generally a good things for me to contact with my wife and kids straightly and i can get useful information from mobile phone. However, it will kill conversation.I sit with my family, my family and my children around their phones. Some people using their phone while walking or driving. This makes people less contact with each other.
Ben Keattch,22.

I think mobile phone is good thing. They do a lot now. I can use camera sometime and fined it quite handed. A lot of kid addict to them. Like in school, they get quite addict to them. They text a lot.