Building ocean sanctuaries plan is in urgency

Dozens of people are calling for a new policy to protect marine species.

People who come to the exhibition are signing a petition.

GreenPeace Cardiff held an ocean exhibition to encourage people sign a petition to put pressure on the government to endorse the Global Oceans Treaty.

The historic treaty has been negotiated by over 190 countries at the United Nations since last year that could create 30% of the world’s ocean into sanctuaries by 2030.  

“We want to use this exhibition to arise awareness. The ocean supply over half the world with their food stuff, over half of the oxygen we breathe come from it,”said Bronach Johnston, the volunteer of GreenPeace.

“A natural, beautiful and new ecosystem should relies on the ocean, or it will put humans and also animals, plants in danger.”

A girl is using VR device to see a video about ocean protection.

Through using photos, VR, videos and listening to speech from GreenPeace speakers, the exhibition explained the urgency of building ocean sanctuaries for the climate and biodiversity.

Creating ocean sanctuaries is like building a national park at sea, which keeps out threats from plastic pollution, industrial fishing, drilling. It gives marine life a chance to recover.

Volunteers use this map to introduce the protection situation of the ocean now.

Anne, who took her son and daughter to the exhibition thought that ocean sanctuaries is essential.

She said: “Ocean is connect with our next generation. I’m afraid that when they get older, the materials may be run out, so the government should introduce some policies now to keep different species. It is for sustainable really.”

Anne is accompanying her daughter to finish painting the GreenPeace Logo.

According to data, by now, only 1% of all international waters are protected in any form. Scientists say that people need to protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030 to stop their decline and it is a golden time to repair the damage humans have done for the ocean.

“We have the duty on the planet to protect not only ourselves but also all of the biodiversity. In fact, it is because of human activities, the ocean condition becomes worse, and we need to fix what we have done,” said Sophie Anderson.

“We need to take actions instantly because we are losing species that even never be discovered.”

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