Five places to see beautiful bluebells can be added to your day trip options

Take a day trip on a spring day, and walk along the sea of ​​bluebells, smelling the fragrance of hyacinth flowers at the tip of your nose, It’s really exciting.

British bluebells in old woods ( Photo credits:

Bluebells are the shining stars of spring and can be seen in many old forests, woodlands in Wales will be excellent places to see hyacinths in April and May.

While the bluebell is still common throughout Britain, it is under threat locally from habitat destruction, hybridization with Spanish hyacinths, and illegal trade. Currently around one in six broad-leaved woodlands in the UK contain the hybrid species.

“Within the next two decades it will become much rarer for people to see a native bluebell wood,” warned Mark Ballard, curator of the Forestry Commission’s National Arboretum at Westonbirt.  “They are under threat and the British landscape, however beautiful, is changing.”, as reported in the Guardian.

Spanish hyacinths, British hyacinths, and hybrids, their flowers and leaves are different.

Bluebells have a long history and slow growth, and there are countless folklore about them. In the language of flowers, bluebells are a symbol of humility, steadfastness, gratitude, and eternal love.

Bluebells bloom a brilliant violet in the sun, a wonderful wildflower spectacle. If hyacinths are in full bloom this year, you’d like to visit a field of fragrant flowers covering the woodland, here are five places to choose from near Cardiff.

1. Wenallt forest

Coed-y-wenallt is a semi-natural, ancient woodland area north of Cardiff that has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The area is a well-known local scenic spot and a popular spot for picnics. In spring, hyacinths and other spring flowers are on display throughout the woodland.

“Lovely woodland walk,” said Sue Hill, a local guide. “The bluebells will be out soon, worth a visit.”

This place is about eight kilometers from the center of Cardiff, with two car parks and many forest walks, and there are several bus stops nearby. Hiking, biking, self-driving tours and buses are all easily accessible here.

Bus routes:

(a) 21/23: Start at Westgate street KN, take 21 stops and spend 28 minutes, get off at wenallt road station, and walk for about 20 minutes.

(b) T4: Start at Greyfriars Road Stop GJ, take 9 stops and spend 10 minutes, get off at Heol y Forlan station, and walk for about 45 minutes.

Food & Drink:

(a) Miller& Carter Cardiff Thornhill, CF14 9UA, 30 minutes walk

(b)The Deri Inn, CF14 6UH, 20 minutes walk

2.Casehill Wood

Casehill Woods is home to important ancient monuments in Europe and is ideal for history buffs. This area of ​​planted ancient semi-natural woodland and recent native plantations is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, located inland from Penarth and west of Cardiff.

It’s a fantastic place to hike, walk the dog, and get in touch with nature. In addition to hyacinths, you can also see other wildlife such as beech trees, rare dormouse, and common kestrel.

It is only about five kilometers from the center of Cardiff and can be reached on foot, by bike, by bus, and by car.

Bus routes:

(a) 92/93/94: Start at Wood street JR, take 10 stops and spend 10 minutes, get off at Llandough Hill station, and book a car via Bolt and ride for 8 minutes, or walk for about 45 minutes.

(b)95: Start at Wood street JR, take 19 stops and spend 25 minutes, get off at School station, and walk for about 10 minutes.

(c)304: Start at Customhouse street JL, take 25 stops and spend 35 minutes, get off at School station, and walk for about 10 minutes.

Food & Drink:

(a) Star, CF64 4DE, 13 minutes walk

(b)The Old Bank Dinas, CF64 4AA, 12minutes walk


Wentwood was once part of the Chepstow Castle hunting grounds and it is also home to some fantastic wildlife. Come here in spring, you can enjoy bluebells.

In this jungle, in addition to the beautiful landscape of bluebells, there are also colorful fungi. In addition to the spotted caps of the fly agaric, you’ll see yellowish sulfur clusters, hard-shelled white earth balls, and the bright orange funnel of chanterelles. Be sure to visit the ancient Curley Oaks when you’re here!

It is nearly 30 kilometers away from Cardiff, so you can choose to ride or drive to come here.

4.National Trust Dinefwr Park

National Trust Dinefwr Park is located on the outskirts of Llandeilo. Head to the old castle forest, through which you can reach the medieval Dinefwr Castle at the top of the hill. Enjoy the sights and smells of the stunning bluebells that dramatically blanket these woods.

A short walk away you can enjoy a cozy meal or drink at the Cawdor Hotel, or enjoy al fresco seating with others in the secluded courtyard, weather permitting.

It is about 70 kilometers away from Cardiff, You can get here by bus, train, bicycle or self-driving.

Bus/Train routes:

(a) National Express 507: Start at Cardiff Coach Station, take 3 stops and spend 1 hour and 5 minutes, get off at Swansea station, and then take X13 Cymru Clipper, take 79 stops and spend 1 hour and 28 minutes, walk for about 17 minutes.

(b) GWR Transport for Wales: Start at Cardiff Central, take 4 stops and spend 50 minutes, get off at Swansea, and walk for about 1 minute to High Street Station, take X13 Cymru Clipper, take 76 stops and spend 1 hour and 22 minutes, walk for about 17 minutes.

Food & Drink:

(a) Co-op Food, SA19 6LU, 26 minutes walk

(b)Lolfa Llandeilo, SA19 7HR, 34 minutes walk

5.Nicholaston Wood

Located on the south coast of Gower, it has beaches, dunes, lakes, woodlands, cliffs and salt marshes and freshwater marshes, it is quite rare to have so many different habitats in one small area.

This small nature reserve is gorgeous in spring with beautiful hyacinths, primroses, and cowslips.

It is about 70 kilometers away from Cardiff, and the transportation options include bus, cycling and self-driving.

Bus routes:

Start at Cardiff Central, take 4 stops and spend 54 minutes, get off at Swansea, then take bus No.119 for 14 stops and spend 20 minutes, get off at Square, then take bus No.117 for 14 stops and spend 18 minutes, get off at Nicholaston Cross station, walk for about 5 minutes.

Food & Drink:

(a) Beach House Restaurant, SA3 1LS, 54 minutes walk

(b) Pobbles Pizza, SA3 2 DH, 1 hour and 9 minutes walk