Cardiff bay: Military museum facing opposition from residents.

A petition is being set up by local communities to protest against the plan to move the Military Museum to Cardiff bay.

The place that will be taken by the unpopular museum. (from: Google map)

Residents are protesting on social media over relocating the Military Museum to Cardiff bay.

Britannia Park, at Cardiff Bay, will be taken place by the Military Museum is to move there due to the city council’s approval, this moving will blight the current open spaces, playground, and beautiful scene.

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce, chair of Cardiff civic society. ‘The Museum of Military Medicine is deeply unpopular as it will encroach on much-loved green space in Cardiff Bay. The Bay has below the national average green space, we cannot afford to lose more. Cardiff also has only 8 percent publicly available green space, compared with Birmingham, for example, at 15.58.’

The move of the museum was granted by the city council this year, the 5-story museum was argued by residents that it would block their access to the current park and green places in Cardiff Bay.

Blue print of the Museum of Military medical (Credit:

The reason for moving was promoted to be educational and to demonstrate healthcare achievements but the most obvious debate from social media is that the museum would be lack of historical bond to the city.

‘The approval will now see the Museum continue to engage with the local community to ensure its heritage, diversity, and stories feature heavily in its exhibitions.’ According to the museum’s newsletter. However, prospective from local communities and campaign groups seemed to differ.

‘Thousands of local families live right next door to the park in apartments at Celestia and Adventurers Quay rely on the park for green space and play for their children and grandchildren. Their voices ignored by Cardiff council and the military museum.’ Commented by Cardiff civic society.

As the debate going on from social media and being widely questioned by groups, the museum is looking for a speak with local communities to have a further discussion. A virtual meeting will be arranged with local groups in regard to the concerns of taking away parking area and the green places nearby.