One of the best place for hiking in Cardiff: Garth Hill

As the inspiration of Christopher Monger’s novel, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, Garth Hill offers spectacular scenery and is your best choice when choosing a hiking trail.

Hikers sitting on the bench and admiring the city view

“Although I’m exhausted, the fantastic view does deserve 2-hours’ walking,” said Faye, one of the many hikers. The fantastic view from the mountaintop has attracted many visitors to hike in Garth Hill.

A tranquil footpath leads to Garth Hill

Walking through a tranquil secret path then crossing a bridge leading to a tunnel, the tunnel’s exit is the upward trail of Garth Hill. There is a pub that serves drinks and food at the entrance of the footpath, where visitors are gathered here to rest and eat. And it is just deserved to be mentioned that you can’t miss the croissant here!

Tasty bread offered by the pub next to the entrance

On the way uphill, the good fresh air with the smell of the woods and the gorgeous hydrangeas growing by the side of the road leads your journey into the depth of the mountain.

hydrangeas growing by the footpath

It takes around an hour and a half for you to reach the steep footpath that takes you to the top of the hill, and then you can see droves of sheep and cattle wander on the great green plain. Hikers settle down on the grassy plain and enjoy their picnics while surveying a panoramic view of Cardiff.

Droves of sheep wandering on the great green plain

After we reach the summit, the very emptiness of the landscape before our eyes and the clean mountain air whip around our ears are so exhilarating that I will never forget.

Friends enjoying their time on the field of mountaintop

Garth Hill is not only a good place for people to gather with friends and enjoy their free time, but also it is a wonderland for the outdoor enthusiast. Walking on the winding mountain road, you can always catch sight of some groups of cyclists passing you quickly, as well as some runners, struggle to run to the peak.

Cyclists love the mountain path here
the field at the top is a good place for runners

Once you stand on the mountaintop, it brings you to the most beautiful view of Cardiff, including Cardiff Bay in the distance and the idyllic views of Taff’s Well. If you are looking for somewhere to hike or rest nearby Cardiff, Garth Hill will be the best choice!