A fantastic exploration of sports

Cardiff City House of Sports:creation of sustainable in-demand high quality sports and community facilities in order to offer widely spread community sports benefits and helping to enrich lives and increase sports participation in the heart of South Wales.

Young players running and enjoying it

Cardiff City House of Sport is a fantastic venue and has been very important in the growth of futsal with indoor and outdoor 3G and multi-sport training facilities.
Their sports facilities enable them to accommodate a whole host of different sports, including basketball, football, tennis and so on.
The futsal door

Tennis ball on the ground, waiting to be picked up

Notably, there are couples of paintings nearby reception about Cardiff City Football Club, showing their glorious history.
Classic sports shirt on the wall

Portrat on the wall

Retro sports shirt suspending on the wall

On that day, some young football players were training hard.
Young players training hard

“If you are a fan of sports, you would love everything here!” said Huw, one of staffs there.
The storage room, a little bit disorderly but tidy