Geraint Thomas comes in support of Save Maindy Velodrome campaign

Geraint Thomas is one among the many cycling stars who have trained at the Maindy velodrome.

Geraint Thomas was one of the first to join Maindy flyers

Geraint Thomas expressed his support for the campaign to save the Maindy velodrome, where he raced as a young member of the Maindy Flyers.

“Without Maindy stadium I’d have never fell in love with cycling, along with many other kids. Would be so sad to see it demolished!! Cardiff Council: Save Maindy Velodrome! – Sign the Petition!” Geraint Thomas urged his followers on Twitter.

The Maindy velodrome was built in 1952, hosted the 1958 Commonwealth Games and has played a role in developing Olympic cycling champions such as Elinor Barker, Nicole Cooke and Owain Doull.

Alan Davis was awarded an MBE for his service

Alan Davis was the head coach of Maindy flyers. He trained successful athletes like Nicole Cooke, who won an Olympic gold medal in 2008 and visited the track after her achievement.

Alan Davis said, “Nicole won a gold medal on the road, she won the first of the British gold medals in Beijing, that was on Sunday. On Thursday she was home cycling with the kids out there, inspiring the next generation to come.”
The Save Maindy campaign has received 4603 signatures on a petition to stop the demolition of the velodrome and stadium. They have also accused the Cardiff city council of not engaging in any community discussions.

Cardiff City Council intends to relocate the Maindy stadium, including the velodrome and leisure centre, to the International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay to expand the nearby Cathays High School to 21st-century standards.

The Maindy Velodrome is currently home to many cycling clubs and university athletes, a community space that the public can use. Every day, residents can be seen walking their dogs, going for a run, and teaching their children how to cycle.

Renata is among the campaigners trying to stop the demolition of the velodrome

Renata Marri said, “it’s just almost like a kick in the face. It means a lot to me; it made such a big difference for me to have this space, like next door, to take the kids out for a little bit and back, and as a woman, to walk around at night. It feels much safer than going into any park.

According to the council, the newly proposed school site meets all criteria for a 21st Century school, including sports facilities and all-weather pitches that will be available for community use.

The commission has also stated that the new performance velodrome at the bay will be ready for use by the end of the year.

Campaigners and velodrome users believe that it should be preserved because of its historical importance and sporting success and shared between the school’s local residents, athletes and students.

Alex trains under Alan Davis at the Maindy velodrome

Alex Fusneica who picked up cycling because of his father and trains at the Maindy Velodrome said “it is an honour. It feels great. Just to know that it has produced Olympians and champions.”