British Aikido Federation National Course Cardiff 2023 Highlights Concerns Over Youth Participation

There seems to be a gradual decline in the enthusiasm of young individuals in the realm of Cardiff Aikido. What could be the reasons behind this phenomenon?

Active Aikido participants engaged in focused and disciplined practice in dojo.

A noticeable trend emerges as the majority of participants are middle-aged in the Sport Wales National Centre Dojo last weekend, with a conspicuous absence of younger individuals.

Shifting societal interests, the fast-paced nature of modern life and a lack of understanding about the practical benefits of Aikido might be potential factors of the decline.

“These days, the younger generation seems to be drawn towards other pursuits, and we see fewer individuals opting to learn Aikido.” said Ian McClarence Shihan, BAF National Coach England, who commenced his Aikido Journey at the age of 17.

Ian McClarence Shihan patiently awaiting the start of his course, taking a moment for the interview.

The course is taught by Ian McClarence Shihan and Don Morgan Shihan, with Don serving as BAF National Coach for Wales.

“Unlike some martial sports that may cultivate aggression through ring competition, I get a piece of harmony with the world in Aikido.” Don Morgan introduced Aikido and said, “Its universal philosophy resonates with the idea that we are an integral part of the universe.”

Don Morgan Shihan is teaching in dojo.

Aikido requires patience and consistent practice, which might seem demanding for those seeking instant gratification.

“You can see they are all satisfied with the sport, right?” said Ian Shihan, “Practising Aikido is a fun way to stay fit and flexible, and we welcome everyone from complete beginners to experienced aikidoka.”

The photos showcase the inspiring Aikido journey of these two athletes.

Aikido originates from Japanese culture, has been embraced and adopted into British culture.

“The foundation of AIKI is love. It is the embodying spirit of the heaven and earth in one’s heart, and the maintaining the great spirit of loving embrace for all, in order to fulfill one’s mission, that ought to be the way of the martial art.” said Morihei Ueshiba, Osensei (refer to certain founders of martial arts schools) of Aikido.

Sho-Bu-Kan is part of the British Aikido Federation (BAF), a national club which encompasses dozens of dojos across England and Wales.

The dojo located in the Sport Wales National Centre.

Coaches in Cardiff Aikido are planning to organize more promotional events to communicate the positive impacts of Aikido on physical health, mental balance, and self-defense to the youth.

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