Should the Principality halt alcohol sales during Autumn Internationals?

Wales’ first Autumn International game is tomorrow. Do the fans want to see stricter rules on alcohol inside the Principality?

Peter Jackson, ex-England international and now sports journalist said on the BBC’s Good Morning Wales programme he’d like to see stadium bars close during the game. But what do the fans think of this proposal?


Dave, West Wales

“I think it’s a good idea. They’re not being there for the right reasons are they?”

“Some people go there purely for alcohol don’t they? That spoils everything.”


Cath, Cardiff

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea. If I were at the games I wouldn’t want people to be interrupting or spoiling my enjoyment.”



Grant, Gloucester

“People are shepherded too much these days they ought to make their own decisions.”


Huw, Lancaster


“No, it’s the worst thing they ever did with the football. It killed the atmosphere.”



“I do get annoyed with people up and down up and down all the time, that would be the only positive thing to come from an alcohol ban I believe.”

“I don’t think it would help matters because people would just still gulp them down afterwards.”



Feature image:William Murphy