Run Grangetown: We are happy to see new face

Different from traditional running club, it attracts many beginners.

On this Tuesday, seven people took part in running

Novice runners are welcomed to join in Run Grangetown club training for the first mile.

Run Grangetown is a local running club which was established three years ago. Different from traditional one, it attracts especially those new to run.

Sara Robinson, who has become a member for nearly two years, said, “As for advice for the new, joining the club is the best thing.

“And it is sensible to wear reflective clothes or an armband at night so you can be seen by traffic. A head-torch can help with visibility in the dark.”

A member is wearing reflective clothes and hat

Born in 2016, it build a 190-member group on Facebook and this group gather people from different backgrounds, ages and levels every Tuesday night at Channel View Leisure centre.

The leader of group, Nia Eva said, “It’s an awesome group of all abilities and backgrounds. It’s really good for new runners and other members are at hand of give tips from their wealth of experience.”

According to Sara, from a beginner to a senior, it is really helpful.

“I love running but I find it hard to motivate myself. As a member of the group, we meet once a week and we run different routes every week.

“It is safe especially in winter because it is cold and dark. It is also a great place to meet new friends,” said Sara Robinson,” said Sara.

Sara Robinson, local resident in Grangetown