Run Against Stroke in Bute Park

Keep your new year’s fitness regime on track with the Resolution Run.

Resolution Runs are held all across the UK by The Stroke Association to inspire community-wide fitness.
Resolution Runs are held all across the UK to inspire community-wide fitness.

People of all ages are invited to take part in a 5k run through Bute Park to raise money for stroke awareness and and research.

This annual event held on Sunday, March 11th in Bute Park encourages runners to help stroke survivors while maintaining their own health.

“We tend to launch at the beginning of January, when people are making their resolution to get fit,” said Stroke Association regional fundraiser, Alan Drury. “Obviously it doesn’t have to be made on January the first. You can make the resolution any time of the year to get fitter and to have a healthier lifestyle.”

The run is 5 kilometers, and people of all ages and athletic abilities are invited to participate. Drury said, “People can walk, they can jog, they can run, and do it all in their own time.

“Even though it is a run, it’s not a race.”

Group aerobics for Resolution Run warm up.
It’s important to warm up before undergoing a long one, so arrive before 11am for group aerobics.

Strokes are the 4th largest cause of death in the United Kingdom. Since strokes damage the brain, most stroke survivors are left with a disability, which increases their chances of unemployment and depression.

Risk factors for stroke include high cholesterol and blood pressure, which regular exercise can reduce.

The Stroke Association runs support groups to help survivors recover. “We do everything in our local support groups, from movement therapy, to help with armchair aerobics, where people sit in their chairs and do exercise classes,” said Drury.  “We do speech therapy, because obviously stroke can affect your speech.”

Some stroke survivors participate in the Resolution Run to combat the mobility issues that many are left with.

By running, or sponsoring a runner, people can provide vital funds for these support groups, as well as research into the disease.

If you want to participate in the Resolution Run, email or read about on at the Stroke Association website. Entry is £16, and provides participants with training advice, a t-shirt and fundraising pack.

Resolution Run participants 2017
Exhausted but proud Resolution Run 2017 participants show off their medals.

Even if you can’t run yourself, you can still extend a helping hand. “Cheer our runners on, to make them feel motivated and supported. Just seeing that smiling face halfway around gives you a little boost.”