The best place to play beach volleyball in Cardiff

People in Cardiff can enjoy playing beach volleyball on spacious sand courts in Victoria Park. 

The player is trying to return the ball with his forearms.
The player was trying to hit the ball back during an exciting and intense competition.
People are playing beach volleyball on large sand courts in the park.
Cardiff Beach Volleyball club provides large and outdoor sand courts in Victoria Park, Canton.

The court is owned by Cardiff Beach Volleyball club founded 25 years ago at Barry Island, moving to Canton, Cardiff four years ago. 

some members and the owner of Cardiff Beach Volleyball club
In the club, the owner, players, and coaches established a rapport with each other.

Carl Harwood, the founder of the club, said they played beach volleyball at a public beach which is miles away from the town before he applied to Cardiff Council for another place to form the beach volleyball centre. 

Carl Harwood, the founder of Cardiff Beach Volleyball club
Carl Harwood, the founder of Cardiff Beach Volleyball club, has encouraged many neighbours and local people to enjoy playing beach volleyball.

“They got in touch with us and said there was an old bowling green in the Victoria Park,” Carl Harwood said. “As a child, I grew up in this park and I knew this place very well, so when they showed it to me, I jumped at the chance.” 

the Victoria Park in Canton, Cardiff
For people living in Canton, Victoria Park is an important green space in the city.
Cardiff Beach Volleyball club is situated in the park with spacious sand courts.
Cardiff Beach Volleyball club is situated in the park with spacious sand courts.

Located in the residential area, the beach volleyball club, which includes around 150 members now, has encouraged many local people to join them by providing varieties of courses and trainings for different age groups. 

Some members are having training course
The coach, the person on the left, was leading members in the club to do some exercise.
Trainees are taking turns to practice receiving the ball with their forearms
Trainees were taking turns to practice how to receive the ball with their forearms.

David Panah, the coach of the club, said: “The reason I joined this club is because of good facilities and lovely people. Not to mention this is the only place to play beach volleyball in Cardiff.” 

David Panah, the coach of Cardiff Beach Volleyball club
David Panah, the coach of Cardiff Beach Volleyball club, was demonstrating how to do certain training correctly.

Currently Cardiff Beach Volleyball club has also become a training centre for 2022 Commonwealth Games, which will be held in Birmingham. 

the female player is hitting the ball by jumping up
The player jumped up and was trying to make the ball hit the sand on opposing team’s side.
Beach volleyball has become more popular in recent years and the number of spectators and participants has increased.

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