Wales International Badminton Championships

Competitors from all over the world gather in Cardiff to improve their world ranking and win the big prize.

Match in progress

The world’s best badminton players come to Cardiff to compete for world ranking and a prize of up to $10,000.

Play is live-streamed across the world and this year returned to Sport Wales National Centre from the 27th to 30th of November 2019.During the event, play will be conducted on five badminton courts with bleacher seating for 600 spectators.

German and Englander players are in a duel

Natasha, the operations coordinator said:” It’s a Badminton World Federation event and one of their International Series, meaning that it has a prize money value of $10,000. It can mean that competitors can improve their world ranking to progress to the next level of tournament, with prize money of $25,000.

“In the international calendar, it’s important to badminton players looking to improve their world ranking.

“In terms of its importance to Cardiff, the tournament will be broadcast live across the rest of the world by Badminton Europe.”

The moment of catching the ball

The players come from over 41 countries, including America, Australian, Canada, Europe, Britain and other countries. For many players it is one of the best events in the calendar, largely due to its location.

Natasha said, It raises the profile of the city and Wales itself, along with giving the Welsh an opportunity to come along and spectate. For the week of the event, it brings in revenue.

“For the winners, it usually means that they walk away with the prize money and an increased world ranking which puts them favourably in the eyes of their badminton organisations and sponsors.”

Cypriot and Americans are competing to win$10,000