Wales women’s victory stunned a record crowd in Cardiff

Watched by a record 5,455 audience at Cardiff City Stadium, Wales women’s football team won a trumping 4-0 over Estonia in their World Cup qualifier on Tuesday.

Wales vs Estonia. Full view. Credit: Chaoyan Zhang (The same below)

“Kick off and enjoy the game!” said the announcer in a loud voice that boomed throughout the stadium, followed by waves of applause and cheers from the audience in all directions.

Welsh flag featuring red dragon, Welsh iconic red jersey, cheering posters with notable “Cymru” printed, various accessories with Welsh emblem…The ground was full of Welsh elements, and the fans were immersed in the big football carnival.

The audience at Cardiff City Stadium was a record 5455.

The bumper crowd at Cardiff City Stadium proved it to be a grand event in Cardiff as record 5455 audience came to watch an international women’s football game between Wales and Estonia on Wales home soil on Tuesday night.

It was the latest round of their unbeaten World Cup qualifier. Fresh from a 1-1 draw away to Slovenia last week, Wales women strongly desired to claim another three points against the Estonians.

And it did. The Wales women’s football team grabbed the audience’s attention continuously with their excellent performance and creative offensive play one after another.

The first goal came not too late. The Wales striker gave Wales the lead in the 27th minute with a stunning shot from the center of the box.

The Wales players clung together when took the lead.

It suddenly made the stadium erupt. Sweeney, a middle-aged man, jumped out of his seat, waved a Welsh scarf and shouted in ecstasy: “Goal! Goal!” 

Sweeney, a middle-aged man, gave a thumbs-up to Wales players for their excellent performance.

Sweeney said he really enjoyed the game even though it was a women’s. “Men’s games are always filled with diving, cheating and fouls. But cheating seldom occurs in women’s game,” said Sweeney, “They are just playing football, pure football! I love it!”

The atmosphere in the stadium was brought to a climax when the Wales player made it 3-0 with a left-footed shot from close range. The whole audience stood up instantly and chanted in one voice—“Wales! Wales!”

The whole audience bust into cheers when Wales took a 3-0 lead.

Teenage fans and little kids can also be seen all over the auditorium, also equipped with Welsh elements and cheering for the home team.

Elfyn, 36, brought his 6-year-old son and daughter to the stadium. The two little kids watched the game attentively, holding up the flag featuring red dragon and cheered when there was a highlight moment.

Two little kids watched the live match for the first time and felt very excited.

It was the first time two little kids watched a live football game with their dad. “They felt so excited about coming to the stadium that they were up all night, ” said the old Wales football fan.

Audience’s enthusiasm for football seemed to drown out their fear for Covid-19 and masks were rarely seen in the audience. Four mask-wearing Chinese students stood out from the majority of non-mask-wearing audience.

Yang Ruoyang, a postgraduate student at Cardiff University’s Business School, said he bought the ticket by mistake. “I thought it was a men’s match, but later found that the women’s match was also very amazing,” he said. “I love the atmosphere that the crowd cheer together once there is a goal.”

Four Chinese students wore masks, which became a unique scenery in the audience.

The score was finally settled at 4-0. When the final whistle sounded, all the audience rose to their feet again and applauded the players for their wonderful performance.

Wales women remained their unbeaten run in their bid to qualify for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Wales’ next game is against Greece at Scarlettpark on Friday 26 November.