Cardiff Backing ‘Urban Buzz’

Cardiff Council has backed plans to brighten up streets and parks with colourful homes and flowers for pollinators.

Bee cropped
Pollinators will be at home in Cardiff

Pollinators such as bees have seen their populations rapidly decline in recent years, with 250 UK pollinating species at risk of extinction. Cardiff has joined forces with other UK cities in an ‘Urban Buzz’ campaign, to get cities buzzing with life again, providing habitats for our pollinators.

22-year-old student Lizzie saw similar work in action in her local park over the summer. “They didn’t cut the grass all summer, this lack of disturbance encouraged pollinators and other animals to come to the area”.

Bee on Plant cropped

The project will run over three years. With funding, flower rich areas will be developed in urban regions to create a beautiful environment for people and animals alike with great benefits for bees and butterflies.

The campaign has created quite the buzz on social media, with many people highlighting the importance of protecting the world’s pollinators.

Councillor Bob Derbyshire, Cabinet Member for Environment said to : “Pollinators play a key role in our food supply chain. If their numbers continue to decrease then it could have potentially serious consequences for us all”.

Buzz Map
Map showing the areas where Urban Buzz is in action, Llandaff North allotments highlighted in yellow (Credit: