Do you know there are Welsh speakers in Argentina?

This year, the Welsh government announced his new programme to reach one million speakers by 2050. But what brought the Welsh language oversees?


Cymraeg 2050 aims to expand the language and preserve Welsh-speaking communities across the world.

Today, there are approximately 5000 Welsh speakers and 50 000 Argentinian who probably have a Welsh ancestor. It is the third biggest Welsh community outside the UK.

In Argentina, the first settlers, followed by Michael D Jones’s idea, the founder of the Welsh settlement, moved to Argentina in the nineteenth century for economic reasons.

They faced various difficulties, from a non-fertile land to a government who imposed the Spanish language on them. But now Wales and the British Council are both ensuring that the use of Welsh is maintained.

By sending teachers and to creating programmes in Argentina, the British council aims to create a link between both countries.

The following explainer video and infographic provides a better understanding of why there are Welsh-speakers in Argentina.