Get Your Unused Items Collected for Free

Cabinets, bookshelves, printers and kitchen appliances may be useful now, but where will they go by the end of the school year?

If you are a student, the thought of one day having to get rid of your household items must at least cross your mind once. When your rent contract ends and you have to move out, where does your printer, cabinet, drawers, rice cooker, and other household appliances go?
Fear not, the Cardiff Council might have the perfect solution for you. Starting Monday 28 November, the council will now pick up items for free. All you need to do is make a call to the council and they will pick up the items in the appointed time and place.
“This new service is to ensure that those who don’t have a car and are not able to get to a recycling center are able to recycle bulky recyclable items.” said Ian Lloyd-Davies, Media Advisor of the Cardiff Council.
The council says it has been getting a high demand since the service was established on Monday and they ask for the public to be patient while they establish this new service.
The Council has also planned to build a reuse center to go hand in hand with this service. The collected unused items that are still in good condition will be delivered to the reuse center.
“We plan to open a reuse center. All local authorities are encouraged to adopt the EU waste hierarchy, where reuse is focused on more than recycling.” said Ian.
Though still unclear where and when the reuse center will be erected, the council has made sure that it will be in the City Center area where it will be accessible to many people.
The reason behind the waste collection service and the building of a new reuse center, is to increase Cardiff’s recycling rate to 70% by the year 2025.
“The council is committed to increasing the city’s recycling rate. Currently the city’s rate is 58% and we are the highest performing local authority in the Core Cities group for recycling.” said Ian.
Many other attempts have been made by the government, in order to increase the recycling rate, such as limiting the unrecycled waste and establishing food waste recycling service.
“We have given people smaller bins for black bag waste and as many free green bags as residents want, to encourage recycling. We have also established a food waste recycling service (food caddies) across the city.” said Ian.
For more information on the waste item collection service, you can visit the Cardiff Council Website or contact Connect to Cardiff hotline number
02920 872087