Radyr Woods: Natural Beauty

Radyr Woods is a shining jewel in the South Wales crown. With the wildlife, serenity and incredibly photogenic River Taff, the woods were an excellent example of Cardiff’s natural beauty.

River Taff
The river is the most beautiful part of the woods. With the rapids, and harsh banks, it offers little in the way of human interference, and therefore a lot in the way of natural beauty. Home to various bird species, such as herons, tits, and kingfishers.


This image, to me, demonstrates the sharp contrast between the seemingly untouched nature park and human civilisation, separated by an iron fence. Spotting a rare heron from the train station was a huge slice of luck, but still showcases how despite urban sprawl, nature will always prevail.
Offering a stark contrast to the rapid river, and you could completely forget you’re adjacent to a major capital city. All outside noise is cut, old vegetation lines the paths, and older trees dotted around to break up the view.
A gorgeous relic of Brunel’s time, the Forest Lock is one of the few man-made structures left in the woods. But with the natural moss and vines creeping up and down, you could walk straight past it and at first glance not notice it at all. But once you spot it, you’re hooked.


To my knowledge, Radyr is home to the friendliest ducks I’ve met. Perhaps that’s a reflection of most people I’ve met since moving to Wales, but they couldn’t resist moving as close as possible, and glancing side on for a photo or two.