How is Technology Helping Domestic Abusers?

The use of various technologies in domestic abuse is becoming a concern to those who work with survivors and victims, but what do we understand about the issue?

Women’s aid groups are concerned that smart home technologies put people at risk

The popularity and ease of access to modern technologies is changing the way people experience domestic abuse.

Women still experience technology facilitates abuse at a higher rate than men, and men are more likely to be the perpetrators of such abuse.

Technologies allow abusers to create a sense of omnipresence in their victims lives, but how do they do it?

Technology-facilitated abuse is an emerging issue, but few know and understand the data.

There has however been some research in recent years from ardent psychologists and women’s charity organisations. What their work shows is that whilst this is a new problem, it often progresses to or is in conjunction with physical or sexual abuse.

The figures and tactics they cite may be surprising. But they illustrate the extent of the problem and changing nature of domestic abuse.

It is important that people understand the data behind technology use in abuse so that those suffering can come forward without stigma being attached to their experiences.

We spoke to Becky James at Welsh Women’s Aid for more information about these experiences, and the organisation’s hopes for the future.