This is what the future looks like with IBM Watson

IBM, a multinational tech giant, had long been working on its most precious project behind the closed walls of its offices. Until, now, when it left the world at awe by introducing IBM Watson.

IBM office building


The computer is based on the basic theme of artificial intelligence and is constantly fed large amounts of data across different genres and field of studies.

The computer works on the principles of cognitive learning. This means, much like humans, Watson consumes and analyses news, applies the theory into a practical environment and improves by observing the result of its actions. Only it does the job better and faster than humans.


Over the years, Watson has gained much recognition amongst medical scholars is being used by forty hospitals around the world. This cognitive computer has proven its worth in the field of healthcare.


IBM Watson in healthcare


However, healthcare is not the only sector that Watson is being developed to operate in. Law, media, business analytics and even movie editing, are some of the areas in which Watson has started to spread its roots in.

While it is a matter of concern for many those who might be replaced by this super computer, it has been proving to be sufficient at most jobs it is being used for.