What you can do in Bute Park

It’s autumn, time to go to Bute Park and feel the nature!

1. Take off your shoes and feel the ground on your soles

You may avoid the time after the rain, if you think of going to a park. However, the best time to visit Bute Park is after the rain. Why don’t you take off your shoes and feel the ground on your soles? Stepping on wet grass makes you feel special and relaxed. You don’t have to worry about your feet getting dirty as grass protects your feet from dirt. You might have to be a bit careful only when you walk on the concrete path.

This is all you have to do.

2. Go and find a café you can go and rest

Bute Park is too big to walk without taking a rest. Don’t worry. There are some nice cafés in the park. If you want to be warm, you should definitely go to the café by West Lodge entrance next to the castle. There is also a café called “secret café” in the park. Looking for that must be fun. Although the park map says where it is, no cheating is strongly recommended!

You can get warm inside the cafe and souvenirs. There are some seats outside as well.

3. Meet friendly people and animals

As some of you have noticed, people in Cardiff are quite friendly and cheerful. If you go to the park, you will see a family, mother with a baby, cyclist, and runner greeting each other. You can’t avoid bumping into a plenty of different animals such as birds, dogs, bees, ladybirds, etc. People come to the park to enjoy socializing and having their private time at the same time. A girl who was sitting on a bench and listening to music said: “I come to the park before I go socializing or having tea with friends. I like how quite it is here.”

“Here is my favorite corner in the park” said Katy.
A busy bee is working hard in the park.

4. Get to know the history of Bute Park

The place now known as Bute Park was dominated by the Cardiff Castle and used for agriculture and religion in 12th century. In 1766, a wealthy family called Bute inherited the castle and developed the ground. Almost 200 years later, in 1947, the Bute family gifted the castle and park to the public. From this point, the place has become Bute Park.

You can know more about the history at Bute Park Education Centre.
If you look at their eyes carefully, you may find something interesting.

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