While New 20mph speed limit plans in Wales work, do you support this plan?

The speed limit on urban roads in Wales will drop from 30mph to 20mph from September 2023. Here’s what the pubic views about the new plan.

New 20mph speed limit plans in Wales

Wales roads will be limited to 20mph from September next year to cut crashes and save money, but some people don’t think it’s going to work.

The speed limit on urban roads in Wales will drop from 30mph to 20mph from September 2023, and Wales will be one of the first areas in the UK to introduce legislation to impose a 20mph speed limit on roads.​

The legislation will set the default limit for residential roads for residential roads and built-up areas at 20mph from next September, but local authorities can keep certain roads at 30mph.

 New speed limit could reduce road fatalities in Wales and will save Wales £100m in first year, study shows​.

New legislation on road speed limits will be implemented. How do locals feel about the policy, and do they support the new legislation?

Andrew Gregory, Cardiff, Director of City Operations

“Because it’s about creating a safer, more healthier city, city Central City, so people will drive more slowly. They drive you know there’s congestion anyway. But also people will then be able to walk and cycle and it will be safer for young children be safer for older people. And it will create a more positive environment. It will make the city a much nicer place. Also, I think it will make the city more sustainable will make it it will make it more like the best cities in the world.”

Paul McCarthy, Cardiff, CEO at Rightacres

” I think 20 mile an hour speed limits create more traffic jams. I think there’s a risk that they could actually increase traffic accidents on the basis there. If there’s an expectation that cars are traveling at a speed which means they’re able to stop and short distance will make people less aware of road safety.”

Adam, Cardiff

“Yeah. Some places Yes, it’s okay. 20 miles an hour by some places. I think it’s quite you know, I’m not agree with this because if it’s good area I think it’s alright. My battle but like Paraguay like some of the outside crowded outside the city I’m not agree with it. Um No I don’t think so because I’m not driving a lot. Okay I go car but I’m not driving sometimes outside inside the city like once a week or two.”

Rowena, Philippines, Sainsbury’s Staff

“So I do agree because sometimes in some parts, some drivers they do go very fast which they shouldn’t really so. I think it’s good. Especially around schools round when it when it’s a busy area, you know, it’s good to slow down Yeah, I think it will affect your life. I think it’s a safety for everybody, elderly, some like children, you know, walking on the street or people crossing the roads and things like that. “

Dani, Tredegar, Master in Cardiff University

“I think it depends on where in the city it is. If it’s in like the main roads, I think that 30 would be fine but I think on the side roads especially with all the foot traffic the 20 would be better because it’s safer. So the to support this plan I think it just be safer to foot traffic. I think it would give people an easier time stopping their cars and bring on a little bit slower, it’d be easier for them to stop. So I think it would reduce some of the traffic accidents. “

Nathan Chu, Hong Kong, Customers at Cardiff Market

“Yes. Those do support this plan. I do agree, but not in some more general streets safety reasons. Like it heavily residential areas, sometimes you got middle kids. If the parents are looking at after them for a little while they might run out on the street. If you go generally slower, you could potentially stop. If it was 30 miles per hour. “