Would you subscribe to Brit Box?

Newly launched BritBox has made the headlines but will the public subscribe to it?

BBC and ITV have teamed up to bring the newest addition to the streaming world. BritBox was launched on the 7th of November in the UK and is up against fierce competition against well-known streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

BritBox will offer a range of British TV content from Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC and ITV. Popular shows such as ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Broadchurch’, ‘Love Island’, ‘Gavin and Stacey’ are amongst the choices.

The current subscription plan that is available is a monthly fee of £5.99, which can easily be canceled. There is a 30-day trial available to new subscribers.

BritBox has already been launched in America and has proven to be a big success with achieving over half a million subscribers. But will it be equally embraced by the British public?

Cairan, 22, Data Scientist at Admiral.

“No, I would not want to subscribe to it. Not for ITV or BBC, cause with the license fee, you can still get them for free on BBC Player. I rather use Netflix and digital TV. I use my girlfriend’s Netflix, although I don’t pay for it myself.”

James, 53, Bus Driver for Cardiff Bus.

“No I wouldn’t, I am rarely home, but when I do go home, I listen to Radio. Television is what the kids watch. The wife will watch daytime TV sometimes, but as a rule, no I am not a big TV watcher.”

Harriet, 23, Research Assistant, Psychology.

“No, the content will probably go on iPlayer or Netflix anyway. I know that you have to pay for it. I find it probably a bit useless to be fair.”

Iluw, 25, Student.

“No, you got the individual platforms, and is just as easy and it is free. I use my sister’s Netflix. Useless is quite a strong term, but at the moment I feel like yes. But if [BCC] iPlayer was only on Britbox, then it would force people to use it a bit more.”