Whole of Taffs Well to have 20mph speed limit

The village will be part of an 18-month trial aimed at reducing speeds in residential areas

TAFFS Well will soon begin an 18-month Welsh Government trial which will reduce the default speed limit for residential areas from 30mph to 20mph.  

Plans are set to be imposed before the end of the financial year on April 5.

“I’m hoping it does [work] because if heavy lorries go through, the vibrations from the vehicles going at a higher speed was quite bad for some of the houses on the road,” councillor Jill Bonetto of Rhondda Cynnon Taff County Borough Council.

The initial plans were backed by the Senedd in July 2020 with the hope to have the changes fully implemented across Wales by 2023.

The motion received considerable support from the Senedd with 45 out of the 60 members voting in favour.

The roads set to be impacted by the new speed limits. Credit: Google Maps

For some residents, the restrictions will be a welcome addition to the area.

Marian Perry, of Cardiff Road, said: “The 20mph speed limit would allow drivers more time to stop and decrease the rate of accidents in the village.

“I live at the northern end of the village and frequently see cars speeding on the approach road to the village and then slam their brakes on as soon as they near the speed camera, which is too late as they’ve already passed residential properties.”

The speed reduction is expected to have a significant impact on road traffic accidents in residential areas.

According to data published by the Welsh Government 1,193 people were killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents in 2019.

“I think a 20mph speed limit should have been imposed long ago, I personally know of several children who have been injured by speeding cars,” added Mrs Perry.

It is not yet clear whether more speed cameras or signs will be installed in order to monitor the roads however, Coun Bonetto said it would be down to the individuals driving through the village whether or not they respect the restriction.

“You can have all the signs that you want, if that driver is determined, they’re not going to do it,” she said.

Parked cars and traffic on Cardiff Road

The village already has problems with parked cars, traffic and speeding on Cardiff Road, the main road running through Taffs Well. Some residents believe the new changes will make matters worse and increase traffic in other areas.

Mrs Rachel Owen, of Rhiwr Ddar, said: “The traffic is already hindered by the 30mph speed limit, by parked cars on the main road and also from the school, the speed camera and the zebra crossing, I think the majority of traffic will use the industrial estate to bypass the speed restrictions.”

After the 18-month pilot scheme residents will be consulted for their feedback to decide whether or not it has been successful.

Results from trials run across Cardiff and Swansea have already proven to be positive.

If the feedback is favourable across the majority of trial areas in Wales, the restrictions will be permanently rolled out across the country.