Save us from the wrecking ball – campaign to protect Cardiff’s favourite buildings

Residents urged to nominate neighbourhood landmarks for special status

CARDIFF residents are being asked to nominate buildings in their neighbourhood for Cadw protected status.

The campaign by Cardiff Civic Society aims to highlight local buildings with cultural and historical significance.

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce, chair of Cardiff Civic Society said: “Cardiff is a developer-led city, and the council has scant interest in protecting heritage assets.  

“Cardiff Civic Society is urging communities to ask for Cadw to spot-list the buildings they cherish as a matter of urgency – trying to defend a building once a planning application has gone in is too late, as the council will inevitably put profit before people.”

Cadw is the Welsh government’s historic environment service. It can give buildings special legal protection through their designation system.

Buildings which are listed by Cadw cannot be demolished in the case of a planning application. The Civic Society believes listing more buildings in the city will protect historic sites.

Cardiff Civic Society has this month launched its 2021 manifesto, which sets out its campaign priorities for this year.

The group hopes to protect and improve Cardiff’s green space, as well as lobby for an elected chair of the planning committee. You can read the full manifesto here.

Residents can submit their nominations for local buildings via this Google form.