As it happened: Vaughan Gething confirms latest changes to Covid restrictions

Details from Welsh Government three-weekly update on pubic health measures

COVID passes and the need to wear face coverings in certain venues are set to be scrapped later this month, the Welsh Government has announced.

From February 18, there will be no legal requirement to show domestic Covid passes to enter indoor or outdoor events including nightclubs, cinemas, and theatres.

Then, from Monday, February 28, the need to wear face coverings in most public places, including gyms, cinemas, and churches, will be lifted but they will still be required on public transport, and in all shops and health and care settings.

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Earlier today Gething criticised Boris Johnson’s new self-isolation rules


Providing the public with free lateral flow tests is the “sensible thing to be doing at this point”

Mr Gething said: “If we we are to provide lateral flow tests without UK purchasing, it would be a significant dent in our budget.

“That would have to come out of other priorities. We don’t have a budget allocation to do that. We have had questions about Governments working together and this is a good example of how they should be working together, not having nameless, anonymous briefings that these things might happen.

“Ending free later flow tests would be, I think a really significant mistake. Coronavirus is still in circulation, so it doesn’t feel like a sensible thing to be doing it at this point.”


Gething confirms pathway for the removal of remaining domestic restrictions

The minister said earlier that Wales’s existing Covid laws, including remaining laws surrounding face coverings and self-isolation, could be scrapped by the end of March.

The Economy Minister said, isolation rules could change from being legally enforceable to guidance.


Hospital numbers just under 1,100

The minister said that the pandemic pressure on our hospitals remains “constant”.

He said there are just under 1,100 Covid-related patients in hospital at the moment and there are 16 people with Covid in intensive care.


Face masks to be removed by February 28 and Covid passes by February 18

Gething has confirmed that masks and Covid passes will no longer be required by the end of the month.

A full report on these changes can be found here.