A mural of a girl wearing a hijab with the word 'unity' on a concrete wall
Amelia Unity's mural including a girl wearing a hijab under Gabalfa Interchange. Image: Poppy Atkinson Gibson

Gabalfa graffiti inspires Muslim media outlet

Graffiti artists inspired Muslim news outlet with a portrait of a woman wearing a hijab

A WALES-BASED Muslim media outlet has praised a mural as “inspiring” after artists Amelia Thomas and Mylo Elliott painted it under Gabalfa Interchange during a graffiti festival.

Ms Thomas, known as Amelia Unity, and Mr Elliott painted the mural of a woman wearing a hijab with the word “unity” in August but it got fresh attention earlier this month and was shared on social media by Now In A Minute Media, who said the piece sent “a beautiful message of unity”.

Despite such positive feedback, the artists said they hadn’t intended to make a statement of diversity.

Amelia Unity said she had intended to capture “the feeling of a person” rather than focus on a woman in a hijab, and explained that image was inspired by a friend.

Her collaborator Mr Elliott said he was glad the piece had been noticed and “for the work to stand out as a piece of social art, in our community”.

He added that “Gabalfa is a creative centre. There are a few in Cardiff. It is an amazing place architecturally. The interchange tunnels are surfaces that attract the best graffiti in Cardiff”.

Now In A Minute Media’s Creative Director Mariyah Zaman said the piece was inspiring because it was an “authentic representation of a young Muslim girl”.

She went on to say that she wanted to “shout about it on Now In A Minute Media because it’s so rare for that representation of Muslims and Muslim women”.

Mariyah finished by saying “art had the power to unify a lot of people”.