Sign Language Santa’s deaf-friendly grotto ensures Christmas ‘is for all children’

Signing Santa is coming to Cardiff to sign Christmas songs

DEAF children will have the chance to talk to Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves this Christmas, thanks to the South Wales British Sign Language group.

The Signing Santa event encourages all children to visit the grotto to help the elves with some Christmas craft activities.

Children can also learn how to finger-spell their name and perform the chorus of a Welsh Christmas song in BSL.

Signing Santa is also asking children to write letters to bring along to event, which he will reply to with a BSL video letter.

Sarah Lawrence helped create the group last year to give deaf children “the magic that all other children have been able to enjoy for generations.

“Growing up as a little deaf girl, I had the most amazing parents, but the one thing they couldn’t do for me was give me the opportunity to meet a signing Santa. I missed out, and looking back, I’m really sad about that.”

Forty years later, Sarah realised that there was still no way for deaf children to meet Santa on an equal footing.

“The question for us was why should some children miss out?” said Sarah.

“Santa is for all children.”

Last year, 31 children turned up to meet Signing Santa and the club plan to entertain even more children this Christmas.

Sarah hopes parents will bring their children along so they can exceed that number this year: “If deaf children could make the decision, I have no doubt that hundreds of children would be booked in but we rely on mums and dads to realise what a unique opportunity this is.”

The Sign With Santa Facebook page is also offering a BSL advent calendar for children with daily videos.

Signing Santa kicking off the run-up to Christmas

The event is not just for deaf children but for any child interested in meeting Santa. Everyone at the grotto can use BSL and can also chat to those who wish to talk.

“Deaf children can meet Santa with their brothers and sisters and Santa can be equally magical through voice and BSL,” said Sarah.

Signing Santa will be visiting Whitchurch Golf Club on Wednesday December 14 between 4pm and 8.30pm.

The event costs £5 per child and the ticket includes food, presents and more activities. To register your interest, email: