University Hospital Wales

Man had his ear sewn back on… then assaulted a police officer outside the hospital

Anthony Caddy was arrested when he was found covered in blood with his ear hanging off

A 32-year-old man assaulted a police officer outside University Hospital of Wales after having his ear reattached by medics.

Prosecutor Kevin Withey explained that on January 21, 2022, Anthony Caddy was arrested for an unrelated incident in which he was found with blood all over him and his ear hanging off.

The police took Caddy to the hospital in Heath and stayed with him in the waiting area to have his ear reattached and to be checked for any other serious injuries.

Prosecutor Kevin Withey said: “His behaviour was fluctuating drastically throughout the wait – one moment he was calm, the next he was not.”

According to the prosecution, Caddy became more and more aggressive towards the officers as he looked for his phone.

During his outburst Caddy called PC Brandon Conlon a “stupid Bridgend looking ****.”

Outside the hospital, he then physically assaulted PC Conlon by shoving him. 

“What was described as an assault was a chest bump,” said defence lawyer Stephen Jones.

PC Conlon suffered no physical harm from the ordeal and had to take no time off work, the court heard.

Caddy was under significant stress at the time of the assault because he had “serious injuries and had just had his ear reattached”, said defence lawyer Stephen Jones.

The defence acknowledged that although Caddy was on a suspended sentence which does not end until October 2023, this was an “isolated incident”. 

On January 27, 2023, Anthony Caddy of Madoc Rd, Tremorfa pleaded guilty to the charge of assault at Cardiff Magistrates Court. 

Magistrate Norman Craggs told him: “Assaulting an emergency worker is not a light offence and assaulting anyone is a serious offence.”

When Mr Craggs asked about his ability to pay a fine, Caddy said he is “paying for lots of fines right now”.

The bench ordered Caddy to pay £319. This is including a £200 fine, a £34 victim surcharge and an £85 prosecution fee.