People urged to donate to alleviate period poverty in Rumney

Campaigner arranges for sanitary products to be available free and discreetly at a drop-in charity

A TROWBRIDGE resident is urging others to donate sanitary products to help alleviate period poverty in Rumney.

Tasha Michael is giving 10 12-pack boxes of sanitary towels for people to pick up from Rumney Forum, based at Brachdy House.

Period poverty campaigner Tasha Michael. Credit: Tasha Michael

“If people could just buy one more period product each time they buy their own and donate them it would be a huge help,” said Mrs Michael, aged 36.

“There are people who aren’t on a lot of money, and they have got to make a choice of ‘do I buy pads or tampons, or do I feed my kids?’ “

“I am fortunate not to be in a situation where I can’t afford them,” said Mrs Michael, a receptionist at a skin clinic.

Several people recommended the work of Rumney Forum, which describes itself as a “poverty alleviation charity”. It is based at Brachdy House on Brachdy Road and operates a charity shop, community fridge and a café.

A spokesperson for Rumney Forum said it was important that those who feel embarrassed are able to get the help they need.

“We try to leave them in the toilets, which are discreet, and people can help themselves,” they said.

The forum also stocks period products in the community larder, which is in the foyer of the building. Alternatively, those in need can ask Rumney Forum staff for period products directly.

  • Rumney Forum accepts donations on site and monetary gifts via It can be found on Facebook and Twitter/X.