Credit: Alfie Reynolds

75-year-old woman could have her dog put down after it attacked a woman in Caerau

Rex the German Shepherd is being kept in kennels until it’s decided whether he is a threat

A DOG called Rex which attacked a woman on a street in Caerau may have to be put down after his 75-year-old owner admitted he was out of control.

The German Shepherd has been taken away from owner Ann Cosh and placed in kennels while police decide whether the dog is dangerous enough to have to be put to sleep, Cardiff Magistrates Court heard.

Mrs Cosh, 75, of Bromley Drive, Caerau, will find out on April 15 if her much-loved pet will be put down after he injured a woman while out on a walk.

“We are concerned about his welfare,” said Mrs Cosh, who admitted a single charge of being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog causing injury.

“He does get stressed around other dogs.”

Mrs Cosh’s defence lawyer, Angelo Gooden, told the court: “This is Mrs Cosh’s first involvement with South Wales Police.” He added that “this offence requires nothing more than a financial penalty”.

Mr Gooden also praised how Mrs Cosh has co-operated with police, balancing the “stress of the case” with the “illness of her husband”.

Prosecuting, Aliyah Hussain agreed that the court should be “adjourned for around six weeks” while the Crown Prosecution Service assess if Rex is a threat to others.

Chairman of the magistrates, Mr Wayne Mortimer, granted Mrs Cosh unconditional bail. She will return to Cardiff Magistrates Court on April 15 for sentencing and the outcome of Rex’s assessment.