Polystyrene Sheet next to a neighbour's car. Image Credit: Anthony Wilson

Polystyrene sheet ‘the size of a 55 inch TV’ blows in from building site and damages car

The car’s worried owner is warning that it may happen again- and land on a person next time

A DRIVER is warning people in Llanrumney that “an accident is waiting to happen” after a large polystyrene insulation sheet blew off a building site and damaged his car.

The sheet – described as “the size of a 55in TV” – blew in from the site at the former Llanrumney High School during high winds and hit the roof of Anthony Wilson’s 2004 Porsche Boxster.

Mr Wilson, 59, of Clovelly Crescent, woke up after a windy night to see scratches on his car’s roof, front and rear.

“My primary concern was ‘God’, if that had hit somebody driving or somebody walking, that was an accident waiting to happen,” said Mr Wilson, a biomedical scientist.

It took two days for the polystyrene sheet to be removed from the street, Mr Wilson told a Partnerships and Communities Together (PACT) meeting in Llanrumney Hall.

His concern is that more building materials could be blown over from the building site, where 98 houses are being built and having insulation fitted.

“We have had a lot of traffic coming down from the football academy, any one of those could have been an accident,” said Mr Wilson.

A view of the building site from Ball Road. Image Credit: Murthaza Ali-Hassan

He contacted Cardiff Living, the company behind the development, who apologised and told him they would investigate the incident to stop this from happening again. However, he has not heard anything since.

Mr Wilson said he was “a bit disappointed” that there has been no offer of compensation to repair the damage to his car.

  • The Cardiffian approached Cardiff Living for comment and will update this article if one is received.