Mike Portsmouth Credit: Katie Parry

Penarth woman pays tribute to adventurous grandfather by jumping out of a plane

The sky diving stunt is to raise money for a kidney cancer charity

PENARTH woman, Katie Parry, is jumping out of a plane in tribute to the adventurous grandfather who taught her how to windsurf.

She is raising money for Action Kidney Cancer by skydiving, in memory of her grandfather and a close family friend who also died from the disease. 

Katie Parry. Credit: Katie Parry

That night I booked my sky dive”

Katie Parry

“We called my grandfather the Bionic Man. He was just amazing. You would never have even known he was ill. He fought against the disease for 27 years before passing away two years ago,” said Ms Parry. 

Mike Portsmouth was diagnosed with kidney cancer when Ms Parry was three years old. 

“I have nothing but wonderful, active memories of him. He taught me to windsurf,” Ms Parry continued fondly. 

Katie Parry and her Grandfather Mike Portsmouth Right: Katie Parry today. Credit: Katie Parry

Ms Parry has already surpassed her goal of £500 and hopes to raise much more before the dive in August 2024. 

“He would be so excited I’m doing this!” said Ms Parry who is originally from Penarth but now lives in Barry and works as an operations consultant in Tongwynlais.

Her grandfather was not the only person close to her who has been affected by kidney cancer. Ms Parry’s parents recently lost family friend Stewart “Potty” Humphries. The idea to do something in their memory occurred to her over a family dinner last weekend. 

From Left: Mike Parry, friend Mike Hitchens , and Stewart “Potty” Humphries. Credit: Gail Humphries

“I was looking around the table and I suddenly realised the group was just not the same. We’d lost so many people and everyone else had done so many fundraisers. I needed to do something. That night I booked my sky dive.” said Ms Parry. 

Stewart Humphries died in September 2023. He has been described by his friends and family as much loved by so many in Penarth. Over £10,000 has been raised for various kidney charities in his name.

Ms Parry had been reluctant to take part in fundraisers before now due to her fitness. Having made a commitment to losing weight she decided now was the time. 

“I did not think a run would make up for all the ones I’ve missed. I thought to myself, what’s the biggest thing I could do?” laughed Ms Parry. 

“It is a personal triumph for me as well as a tribute to my family and friends. I would never have done something like this six months ago.” 

The sky dive is a tandem one so Ms Parry will be strapped to an instructor and will not have to undergo any rigorous training but she is committed to being as healthy as possible before she takes the dive. 

He would be so excited I’m doing this!”

Katie Parry

“My biggest worry now is being sick. The last two times I’ve flown I had vertigo. I’m just trying not to think about the possibility.” 

Action Kidney Cancer, is the UK’s only patient-led kidney cancer charity. It was formed in 2006 after two cancer patients Rose Woodward and Julia Black led a three-year campaign to get the medication they needed from the NHS. 

The Link to Ms Parry’s Go Fund Me page can be found below along with some more information about the charity.


https://actionkidneycancer.org/: Penarth woman pays tribute to adventurous grandfather by jumping out of a plane