Residents’ relief as Crwys Road rubbish pile is finally cleared

After sending several warnings to the landowner, Cardiff council was finally allowed to clean it up

THE “disgusting” pile of rubbish blighting one of Cardiff’s busiest roads for years has, at last, been removed.

The council’s waste management team moved in last week after the Cardiffian reported on the pile, clearing up the site which had been branded as an ‘eyesore’.

A gate now blocks the tiny patch of land, hoping to stop people from once again filling it with their old trash, guitars and toilets.

The site sits between businesses and private houses, with locals who had to pass the fly-tip everyday calling it “disgusting”.

However, being on busy Crwys Road and close to the junction with Albany Road and City Road the tip was known Cardiff-wide.

The fly-tipping hotspot was on private land, which made it difficult for the council to act, but they were finally able to clean it themselves after sending multiple warnings to the landowner.

Elizabeth Lodge, who picks litter every Saturday with Keep Roath Tidy, a community litter-pick group, said: “I’m just really chuffed it’s finally sorted. I’m pleased they have taken action and also the fact they have put that barrier to stop it happening again.

“We get so many reports of fly-tipping for different areas – one person starts then everyone starts. 

“They usually do it under trees, I’ve seen quite a few with piles of rubbish underneath. It’s often right under signs that say ‘please don’t leave your rubbish here’.”

Plasnewydd councillor Dan De’Ath said: “It’s obviously not nice for people, especially those living close by, to have to see a mound of dumped waste every time they pass. 

“We want people to have pride in their local community and our message to negligent landowners and landlords is that we’ll work to have action taken if you’re abusing our neighbourhood.”