Lady Mary Gold Photo Credit: Katie Worrell

The Golden Cross: Celebrating Cardiff’s LGBTQ+ history

A behind-the-scenes look at the oldest gay venue in Wales

THE Golden Cross is the oldest gay venue in Wales and during Pride month The Cardiffian is taking a look behind the scenes, guided by drag queen “Baroness” Lady Mary Gold who works at the pub.

“Its so important to have inclusive spaces, safe spaces, for people no matter how you identify or who you are,” said Lady Gold.

June is Pride month in the UK but the Golden Cross celebrates Pride all year round with cabaret and drag acts every Thursday.

“Keep being proud, keep being yourself and allow others to be themselves. We welcome anyone as long as they are not a pain!” said Lady Gold.

The pub has a long history , first opening as a brothel in 1849. It became a gay bar 28 years ago and is currently owned by Robert Burnett.