Penarth welcomes its first plastic-free shop, wasting zero time to help fight climate change

A new zero-waste shop has opened in Windsor Arcade to get more people involved in living sustainably to help save our planet, as well as shop locally

dispensers with refillable items
Go nuts for Zero Penarth’s dispensers filled with staple kitchen items to refill and weigh

Zero Penarth has opened its doors in the seaside town to introduce residents to a more sustainable way of life with its first ever completely zero-waste shop.

Owned by climate change advocates Debra Thorne and Alex Pearson, it opened on 20 November, offering an array of food items and eco-friendly, locally sourced products. The shop has been enthusiastically received, gaining nearly 1,000 Facebook followers; confirming the demand for a local shop of this kind.

Alex explains how people are keen to do little things to be part of the zero-waste movement, and more shops like this will start to make a difference. 

One resident said, “At last! A local shop doing what so many people care about, which is doing our bit to help save the planet.” 

Previously, environmentally conscious ‘Penarthians’ would have to travel to shop ethically. Now Zero Penarth has filled that gap. 

Blackboard with shop title on
Welcome to Zero Penarth
Zero tolerance for waste 

The nature-loving owners started the shop to help others get involved in this “positive change” and not only promote plastic-free shopping but their shop encourages its customers to make a conscious effort to reduce food-waste.  

Everything is filled and weighed at the refill stations so only the necessary amount is bought to ensure no food goes unused.

Located in Windsor Arcade on Penarth’s high street, Zero Penarth, like many zero-waste shops, serves staple cupboard items like pastas, pulses and nuts. 

What’s unique is soon they will stock eggs, offer ‘zero-waste starter packs’ with ‘pick’n’mix’ items to slowly introduce newcomers to the movement, alongside personal care, and homeware items including hand-crafted ceramics, beeswax wraps, soaps, cleaning products and skincare.

The more people support zero waste, the more change happens and the more quickly it happens

Alex Pearson, shop owner

The shop opening had been in planning for the last nine months, Alex explained. Though the pandemic delayed them, since November its popularity has grown, being inundated with requests for specific items. Initially stocking the basics, they are excited to expand to offer even more products and help the fight against climate change.

“The more people support zero waste,” says Alex, “the more change happens and the more quickly it happens.”

What’s coming in the next few weeks?
Other zero-waste shops around Cardiff
  • Poppyseeds
  • Bay leaves
  • More teas and coffee
  • Dried papaya
  • Wholemeal pasta
  • Dried mushrooms
  • Oils and Vinegars
They are also hoping, in the future, of doing assemblies 
in schools to educate more children about zero waste.

The shop has gift sets on offer for Christmas worth £10