Five vintage clothing stores deserved to visit in Cardiff

If you are a vintage-clothing buff in Cardiff, there are five fabulous vintage fashion stores you can’t miss!

Today, plenty of people take the plunge into the retro fashion, showing unique personal style and alternative lifestyle.

Fashion icons as Alexa Chung and Kate Moss are fond of mixing vintage garments with luxury fashion clothing. Even walking on the street in Britain, retro style is everywhere, like a girl wearing 90s Levis jacket or a gentleman wearing classic Oxford shoes.

In Cardiff, from the hustle and bustle of the city center to the far living quarters, I’ve rounded up five retro fashion stores for those who love the vintage gem.

Sobeys Vintage Clothing

The inside look of Sobey’s

Sobey’s is a retailed vintage clothing shop and arrived in Cardiff at the end of 2016. It lies to Royal Arcade, the City Center, which is easy to find out as you enter into the arcade from the Hayes.

Sobey’s provides a wide range of second-hand 80-90s clothing like sport wear and trousers, suitable for all age groups especially the young. Accessories are fully complete with rings, bags, Converse shoes and hair band. The prices of items are friendly, even you can pick up a good one among the sale clothes rack. By the way, hair dyes on the store are offered as long as you want to change your hair color.

Sobey’s offers a wide range of vintage goods with friendly prices.

Interestingly, Sobey’s serves the reworking project, which is quite different from other vintage stores, “We will take all clothes like broken for example, like cut it to make something new,” said Paige, manager of Sobeys.

Address: 31 Royal Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AE

Telephone: 0117 929 8923

More information can been seen here: Sobey’s Vintage Clothing

Hobos Vintage

Seated in High Street Arcade, the City Center, stunning clothes and accessories in the showcase would easily draw attention of passer-by.

The outside look of Hobos

Hobos mainly stocks 80-90s clothes such as jumpers, Levis jeans and shirts with fair prices. Some of those shirts are made in 1970’s. It welcomes all age groups but perhaps teenagers and young adults fancy it as I suppose. Most of these unusual garments are from America, few from London. Besides accessories, watches, Lomo cameras and gift cards are offered to customers as well.

Most of goods in Hobos are from America.

Although the shop is not large enough even with a bit crowded corridor, it won’t be a problem when you have seen amazing antiquated troves. Also, students have 10% discount.

Address: 26 High Street Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1BB

Telephone: 029 2034 1188

More information can been seen here: Hobo’s Cardiff

Hatts Vintage Emporium

Set up in 2011, Hatts lies to Cardiff Central Market with full range of men’s vintage clothing. The style covers from late 1880’s to 1980’s. For men between 20 and 50, you can find tweed, waistcoat, denim, tie pins and dickie bows here with friendly prices.

Stuart Talbot, the shop owner of Hatts Vintage Emporium

When talking with the shop owner, Stuart, he said they had been doing their own brand for a few years. His brand aims at producing a pure British-made, using British materials and cooperating with British manufacturer. Hatts also offers a bespoke sourcing service for the customer’s needs.

Hatts Vintage Emporium offers various hats for customers.

The collection of hats is impressive as well. There are various hats which cater to certain scenarios whenever you need. Although some hats are a little expensive, the fabulous design and high quality make them still an ideal choice as a gift for your boyfriend, father and grandfather!

Address: Unit 14 Cardiff Central Market, Cardiff, CF10 1AU

Telephone: 07806 498213

More information can been seen here: Hatts Vintage Emporium

Mojo King

Just settled on the balcony in Cardiff Central Market several days ago, the menswear store has been in Cardiff for nine years. Mojo King was listed in GQ magazine, an international monthly men’s one, top 25 Regional stores.

The outside look of Mojo King. Credit to Mojo King.

It offers various vintage goods from certain high street brands like Aka, Fred Perry, Merc and Ben Sherman. A wide range of collections such as polo, shirt and knits with friendly prices make you like mod wear.

Address: 250 – 256 The Blacony, Cardiff Indoor Market, St Mary’s Street,Cardiff, CF12AU

Telephone: 029 2049 9968

More information can been seen here: Mojo King

Penny Lane Vintage Boutique

Heading for Wellfield Court Arcade, a couple miles far away from the City Center, Penny Lane is just quietly seated here. The little emporium has won the Best Cardiff Fashion Retailer 2016. This year, it is one of the finalists of Cardiff Life Award.

The inside look of Penny Lane. Credit to Penny Lane Vintage Boutique

Hang around throughout the store, you can find various items, dating from 1940 to late 1970s, which are hand-picked by the shop owner, Belinda, from all over Britain. The jewels are stunning with fair prices. It also offers homewear, the lighting and other antiquated collectables.

Penny Lane offers fabulous accessories for customers. Credit to Penny Lane Vintage Boutique.

The store warmly welcomes all age group even the teenagers. In addition, if you want to handle with your old clothes, Penny Lane is also a good place for you.

Address: Wellfield Court Arcade, Wellfield Road, Cardiff, CF24 3PB

Telephone: 07828 183272

More information can been seen here: Penny Lane Vintage Boutique