Chapter Arts Centre: the heart and soul of Canton

The Chapter Arts Centre receives nearly 800,000 visitors every year.  Why is the most popular spot of Canton? 

Facade Chapter Arts Centre
The facade of Chapter Arts Centre at the evening.

For 40 years, Chapter Arts Centre has been offering activities for everyone in the middle of Canton. From movies to live performances, or international arts to workshops for locals, Chapter is constantly searching for new opportunities to surprise the world and Cardiff itself.

This month, they showcase Rachel Maclean’s “Spice your Face”, an international exhibition with a strong social critique using the story of Pinocchio. Also, they are presenting Caroline Sabin’s play “Mysterious Maud’s Chambers of Fantastical Truth” and the latest’s blockbuster movies including “The First Man” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Not interested yet? Try their complete selection of beers, wines and food at the awarded Caffi Bar. Placed in the middle of the centre, this area is perfect to wait for the next movie or just chat with your mates.

Chapter also has free WIFI areas at the Caffi Bar, where is often see people from all ages working or studying during the whole day.

Do not miss any of the activities which are updated regularly in their website

Caffi Bar at night
A crowded Caffi Bar during a regular Friday night.
exhibition "Spite your face" viewers
Viewers at “Spice your face”. This is the first solo exhibition of the Scottish artist Rachel Maclean.
Chelsea Davies Front of House Team
Chelsea Davies part of Front of House Team at Chapter.
The centre has two film theaters with capacity for more than 100 people in total. Also, there are two theater rooms, spaces for workshops, talks and concerts.
Beer bar
Caffi bar has a complete selection of beers and wines.
Caffi bar
Peter, 75, reads the sports session in one of the many areas at the Caffi Bar, the heart of Chapter. He traveled all the way from Swansea to enjoy of the activities.
Slavica Tucakov team Vhapter
Slavica Tucakov part of Front of House Team at Chapter.
Hot food bar
The centre offers hot food seven days a week.