Cowbridge Road: Safety Concerns For Pedestrians According To Canton Shopkeepers

Confusion over pedestrian right of way is a “tragedy waiting to happen”, along with wrongly placed guiding aids for the visually impaired say Cowbridge employees.

Outside the Canton Fruit Market, where the alleged misplaced Tactile pavement can be found

Canton shop keepers have warned of potential dangers on the Cowbridge Road new walkways and misplaced aids for the visually impaired.

The continuous footways, which were finished around three months ago, are new footpaths built to make crossing certain areas of the road safer. However, several shopkeepers who spend their days working next to the junctions have commented that right of way is unclear, with one highlighting that the tactile paving, used to indicate the start of the road for the visually impaired is misplaced.

Tactile Blister Pavement is used to help The visually Impaired to find the edge of the path.

Canton Fruit Market shop assistant Lynn Breen said “the cars are supposed to give way to pedestrians, but they don’t. They don’t realise that they have to stop for the pedestrians because it’s their right of way so that’s a tragedy waiting to happen”

The footpath along the busy commercial street now continues across the road, rather than stopping at the curb, giving pedestrians the right of way across the junctions. The continuous footways also include bicycle stands and new road markings with a view of making the street more accessible to wider range of people including the disabled and the elderly.

Canton councillor, Stephen Cunnah said “I would argue strongly that there are already signs there which are very clear established signs for drivers to follow”

Councillor Stephen Cunnah Helped to bring about the changes to the busy commercial street.

Mr Cannah noted that drivers should already know that pedestrians have right of way on the crossing and said that he would feedback issues, regarding tactile paving, to the appropriate officers.

Though there have not yet been any accidents involving pedestrians and the continuous footways, the busy Cowbridge Road is very familiar with road traffic incidents, especially around its junctions, two recent incidents involved a lorry hitting a road sign and a motorcycle that was hit by a car.

The shop sign outsie Hardlines Cafe that was struck by a lorry

James, a barrister at Hardlines Café on Cowbridge Road said, “its always been a problem junction, they’ve tried their best to fix it and make it better, I think there’s going to be issues no matter what they do to be honest”

The continuous footway was completed at the end of the summer and according to Councillor Cunnah, is still due to go through its sign off stages.