The Six Nations Wales: The best spots to watch in Cardiff 

The Six Nations is back and lockdown is lifted, grab your mates, get a beer and go and watch some rugby. 

The Six Nations is the best way to get together with friends for a classic Welsh day out.

Now that the rugby event of the year is here, it’s time to experience one of the national prides of Wales, the rugby. A day of dragon flags, daffodil hats and jovial singing, you don’t need to go to the national stadium to get stuck in to the excitement.

Here is a list of great places to watch this year’s Six Nations matches:

1. Gassy’s

This student haunt is a host to a younger crowd and week-round deals. But don’t let the mid-day drinking students put you off. This Cathays hub can be just as much fun for people regardless of age and guarantees festivities that will last all day as well as deals on drinks to ensure that your match day experience is a lively one. 

Location: Salisbury Road, Cathays

2. O’Neill’s

Slap bang in the middle of St Mary Street is the Irish bar O’Neill’s. Though not the cheapest on our list, O’Neill’s draws in traffic from the City Centre due to its central location. With a mix of international supporters and the typical fun and charm of an Irish bar, O’Neill’s promises to be a busy and eventful match-day experience. 

Tom, one of the bartenders at O’Neil’s says, “It’s just a brilliant atmosphere, especially with all the Irish and having fun.”

Location: St Mary’s Street, City Centre

3. Owain Glyndwr

It doesn’t get more Welsh than the Owain Glyndwr, the cosy pub tucked away in the winding arcades is a staple of Welsh drinking. Inside, you’ll find a sea of red shirts as fans flood in to watch the matches on the pub’s series of tv screens. The Owain is truly an insight into what it means to be a Welshman during the six nations.  

“It’s probably the biggest sports pub in Cardiff, everyone comes here on match-day, everyone’s having a great time, it’s just a great place,” says bartender Conrad. 

Location: St. John Street, City Centre

4. The Queen’s Vaults

A stone’s throw away from the Principality Stadium, with its rugby ball-shaped door handles, The Queens Vaults knows how to make a day out of The Six Nations. This classic pub’s ideal location makes it a rugby day must, especially for home games. Drinking in the atmosphere as well as his beer, Brian says, “The Queens Vaults is always the place to be, anywhere else is irrelevant…it’s the best place to be, right next to the stadium, everyone piles in here.”

Location: Westgate Street, City Centre

5. Kongs 

This underground bar has a separate bar and big screen specifically for rugby enthusiasts. Kongs is a great place to go for those with a short attention span or fair-weather supporters, as well as those looking to get stuck into the rugby action. With its array of arcade games, ping-pong tables and general fun gimmicks, Kongs is great if you’re looking for something to do at half time or if you love everything about The Six Nations except actually watching it.  

Location: St Mary’s Street, City Centre

6. The Old Arcade 

This little pub is devoted to rugby. With sporting memorabilia and jerseys stretching across its walls, the dimly lit, cosy pub breathes the sport. Perhaps the smallest of the pubs on this list, it is one that is an essential if you really want to soak in all that The Six Nations has to offer.  

Sporting their Wales shirts, patrons Cath and Kim said, “It’s a great atmosphere, the bar service is incredible in The Old Arcade, and it’s cheap; it’s a good old-fashioned pub.” 

Location: Church Street, City Centre